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What Makes a Fart Healthy (Yep, We're Going There)

Farts, butt toots, pop offs, fluffs, whatever you call them, everybody does 'em but not everyone likes to talk about them. Today, we're going there, because, ladies, your back-end busters are trying to speak to you and it's time to pay attention.

What's Normal?

The average person will fart around 20 times a day — some will be loud and obnoxious, while others are a little more discrete and will sneak out without you noticing — this is perfectly normal BTW. Sometimes you'll eat or drink something that will cause you to pop off a little more and that's also perfectly normal. Guys fart and girls fart (glitter, because we're ladies, okurr!), how else are we expected to release the build-up of gas in our digestive systems?

What's Not Normal?

Excessive farting isn't normal, and if they're consistently smelly that's no bueno and your body's trying to send you a message. The message being: There could be something more serious going on, so listen up! If you're getting pain with your toots, we're talking severe cramping or stabbing sensations, even bloating, it's time to seek medical attention — make an appointment with your GP.

"Oh God, the Smell! Am I Dying?"

Odourless wind is healthy, and in a perfect world ideal, but if you're noticing a suspicious smell, this doesn't always mean something is wrong (or something has actually passed away inside you). Smell often indicates a release of sulfur from food that hasn't digested properly. But if it's consistent, you know what to do: Visit your doctor.

How to Tame Your Toots?

It's no secret some foods can cause a little more gas than others, if you're not okay with incessantly breaking wind (or you've got a special occasion that doesn't call for letting it rip on repeat) avoid things like beans, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and fibre supplements.

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