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Fat is Normal

Erin Posted This Pic of Her "Side Fat" Saying, "Don't Be a Superficial A**hole Like Me"

Sometimes the selfies we take aren't the most flattering. A bad angle, bad lighting, a bad hair day — we're quick to press delete before anyone else sees it. Erin Beth, who has a blog called Pizza & Protein totally relates. She posted this photo to her Instagram with the caption, "I took this picture trying to get all creative and stuff with my poses 😂 and immediately disliked it because of the way my back/side fat looked."

Why is our initial reaction to focus on our flaws or what we don't like? Why are we so negative? Erin says, "Why am I so hard on myself about having fat, which is NORMAL?" Seriously! We ALL have it. Why are we so against it? Erin went on, "what is the point of feeling bad about myself over things that are so freaking superficial/shallow/arbitrary in the first place? 🤔 don't be a superficial asshole like me and confuse having aesthetic goals with an excuse to dislike your body as it is RIGHT NOW. Treasure your body. Aesthetics aren't everything."

Raise your hand if you needed to hear that today! Erin encourages us to love our bodies "a little more today," for all the amazing things they can do. "Be kind to yourself and be kind to others, in not only your actions and words but in your thoughts and how you look at yourselves and others." We should be mindful about what we notice first, "the 'flaws,' or the beauty" and remember that "life is a blessing; stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, 'imperfections' and all." Be grateful for your body and your life, and embrace it ALL.

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