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The Fitness Marshall "Motivation" Video

Grab Your Sneakers and Get Ready to Sweat With This Dance Workout to Normani's "Motivation"

I'm still not over Normani's newest single, "Motivation," and probably won't be for quite some time. The song is fun and instantly puts me in a good mood, but the music video is just — I really don't have the words to describe it except for amazing. (Please go watch it if you haven't done so already.)

Taking my obsession one step further, The Fitness Marshall dropped a new dance workout to "Motivation," and I can't wait to try it. You're going to be moving nonstop so don't be surprised if your abs, arms, and legs are sore the next day.

"This dance is as high energy as Normani's [official video]. It's challenging, fun, and will have you feeling so fierce while sweating like crazy," The Fitness Marshall told POPSUGAR.

If you've been in need of motivation to get your body moving, check out the full video above!

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