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Foods That Boost Fertility & How to Have a Healthy Week

Everyone's Reading. . . Fertility-Boosting Foods & How to Have a Healthy Week

  • Fertility: Whether you're thinking about starting a family now or not, there are foods you should be stocking your belly with in order to increase your chances of baby-making later. For some, conceiving is more than just a romantic romp with your partner. So why wait? By knowing what to avoid and what fertility-boosting foods to munch on now, we think you'll be on-track for keeping those reproductive organs happy.
  • Healthy Living Tips: Over the course of the week, your attention gets pulled in a million different directions. Even with the best intentions over the weekend, healthy plans tend to fall by the wayside, and you're left feeling exhausted and a little off by Wednesday afternoon. Take some time today and plan ahead, and prep can make all the difference in your energy, mood, and the overall quality of your week.
  • Beginner Fitness Tips: Personal trainers don't want to say anything that's going to put you off from working out (or worse, not show up), but there's a list of frustrations that they'd prefer you wouldn't do. So in order to get the most out of each session make sure you avoid these six things.
  • Wanderlust Festival: Last Sunday we had the opportunity of experiencing Sydney's first Wanderlust Festival at the Domain and Royal Botanical Gardens. This one-of-a-kind full day experience (set in front of a jaw-dropping backdrop) was like no other yoga festival we had ever attended. Catering for all types of yoga enthusiasts, thousands poured in from all around town to secure a spot in one of the many mind-blowing sessions from handstands, acroyoga, to slacklining and even meditation — ahh savasana. Step inside to see all the amazing photos.
  • Workout Wear: We've been trying to push pause on the cooler weather, but despite best efforts it's coming. . . And because we know that rain and dreary days aren't exactly a mood lifter, it's time to brighten the day (and workout) by adding this season's colourful and on-trend crops and long tights to your Autumn wardrobe. They've still got all the technical features that help you work out with ease (sweat-wicking and moveable fabrics), but you won't be able to pass up their fun and psychedelic patterns.
  • Running Tips: In the lead up to one of the biggest events of the year — Nike She Runs on May 3 — we sat down for a chat with the pro (and Nike Crew member) Laura Dundovic, to steal some of her best fitness secrets for the race. 
  • Weight loss: At the end of 2013 Google released which food items people were most curious about (in terms of calorie counts), and they are still hot on the search list today. It's no surprise that they're also the most common foods we eat day-to-day such as eggs, bananas, wine and coffee. And because we're pretty sure we've been guilty of Googling calories in food at least once, here they are — the calories in the most popular searched food items.
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