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Full-Body Cable Machine Workout

This Trainer Shares 3 Basic Moves Anyone Can Do on the Cable Machine

Gym equipment can be intimidating as hell, but that's also not a reason to avoid it altogether. But one machine you're probably missing out on is the cable machine, one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there. If you don't know where to start, trainer and fitness influencer Stefanie Williams shared a video on Instagram showing a full-body workout using three essential cable moves: bicep curls, squat cable lifts, and single-arm cable rows.

"No wasting time wandering around the gym with this workout, stay in the same spot and smash it," Stef Fit wrote in her caption.

Complete 12 reps of each move for a total of four sets. If you've never used the cable machine, it's time to finally introduce yourself.

Watch her video above to see the exercises in action!

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