Remember when you were a little kid in kindy, and your teacher would give a gold star to whoever could sit up the straightest? We'd all shoot up, backs stiff and straighter than a ruler, and be so very proud of ourselves for our impressive sitting skills. Back then, it was drilled into us that sitting at a 90-degree angle is the way to go — it aligns your spine and sets you up for good posture that brings with it a slew of undeniable health benefits. Well, guess what? Turns out 90-degree angles aren't all they're cracked up to be.

It was first revealed way back in '06 that sitting straight actually wreaks havoc on our spine, but it's only in the last year that people have really started to pay attention. And it's high time: back pain now affects 70-90 percent of Australians in their lifetime — probably not a coincedence considering Aussies spend more time at their desks than ever. This week is Osteopathy Awareness Week, a time we're urged to get our skeletal health and circulation in check. You can start right now, just by following these steps:

Image Source: Shutterstock