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Gym Bag Essentials: Sports Massage Oil For Sore Muscles

Gym Bag Essentials: Sports Massage Oil

Whether you've been going hard at the gym or completed the City2Surf yesterday, there will be times when your muscles aren't as forgiving. Over exertion can cause little tears to the muscles and the body's response to help heal these is through inflammation. Massaging the sore and affected areas with an oil like In Essence Aromatherapy Muscle Ease Body Oil ($21.95), will help to reduce inflammation and reduce pain, allowing your muscles to recover quicker. The oils blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus and rosemary in a nourishing sweet almond and jojoba oil base will warm up the body and relieve aching muscles and joints. Apply a generous amount after exercising and use your thumbs, knuckles and palms to massage deep into the muscles.

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