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Gymnastics Ab Routine to Beyonce

My Abs Are Quaking Just Watching These Gymnasts Do a Core Workout Set to Beyoncé's "Run the World"

We know you've seen Katelyn Ohashi's floor routine where she adds in music by Beyoncé — it's pretty epic — but we wanted to bring you another Queen-Bey-inspired gymnastics video, this time from a group of young girls in the Netherlands. They do an insanely difficult ab workout to the tempo of "Run the World (Girls)".

Gymnasts have abs of steel — I know because I was one — and, here, these superstar athletes do moves like V-ups, bicycle crunches, hollow holds, Supermans, planks with leg lifts . . . the list goes on. Plus, they're in perfect synchronisation for the nearly four minutes of the song and show off their flexibility.

Note: this video went viral a few years back with more than 40 million views on Facebook, but Beyoncé will never go out of style (have you seen Homecoming?!). Watch the full video above, and then check out a different set of gymnasts doing an ab workout to "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.

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