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Halle Berry Medicine Ball Workout

Train Like Halle Berry With This Intense Total-Body Medicine Ball Routine

It's Friday, and Halle Berry is back with her "Fitness Friday" Instagram series. She's shown us that she's got it going on with a headstand, how she meditates, and has even given us a look at some of her favourite keto meals.

She recently shared that one of her favourite pieces of equipment to train with is the medicine ball, because "it's one of the most versatile and underrated pieces of equipment." Another reason to love it: "it challenges balance, coordination, and endurance as well as explosive power," she wrote. If you want to know the secret to Halle's hot bod, look no further. Here's the workout:

Halle and her trainer Peter Thomas start by keeping their core tight and rotating a med ball around their head, first going clockwise and then counter-clockwise.

Next is a compound movement consisting of a squat, a hold, and then pressing the med ball away from the body.

It wouldn't be a Halle Berry workout if core wasn't involved, and here she can be seen doing "African Twists," more commonly referred to as Russian Twists.

More core work never hurt anyone! Halle and her trainer target their obliques, shoulders, and back with the "Side Winder". Start with the medicine ball at the side of your right hip, and with extended arms, lift the ball to your left shoulder while simultaneously rotating your feet.

Thomas demonstrates the last move called the "Stack-Up," which is an elevated push-up on a med ball, challenging your strength and stability.

Now it's your turn to test out this workout. Halle does five sets of 20 reps with a 12-pound medicine ball, and per Berry's advice, "use any weight your fitness level allows"!

Image Source: Halle Berry
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