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How Fermentation Completely Changed 1 Woman's Life

How Fermentation Completely Changed 1 Woman's Life

Fermented foods have long been heralded as the best for your belly — as they produce gut-friendly bacteria and enzymes that you need for optimum health. But what really is fermented food? How does it work? And where does it come from?

Felicity Evans, the founder of Imbibe living water kefir, sat down and explained it to us. "When you ferment a product, the nutrients become more bio-available, like in sourdough. The nutrients are partially broken down, so it's easier for the body to absorb them," Felicity explained.

But it's not just about getting the most from your food, Felicity explains gut health is important for your overall wellbeing, with research showing it should be our number one priority — because everything stems from your gut.

Felicity's interest in gut health and fermentation started after she suffered from some serious health complications after giving birth to her two children. It was clear that her immune system was wiped out and she had to make a change. "I started my kitchen trials, making everything fermented. Whatever I could ferment, I was fermenting, and after I started — within only a couple of days — my energy shifted. I wasn't healed, but I felt a difference, and I knew it was the start of something."

After speaking to Felicity and hearing her amazing story, we had to know more about this wonderful, healthy way of eating and drinking and its benefits. Read on for the reasons why fermentation should be on your radar and how you can start to reap the rewards for yourself.

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