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Healthy Sugar Swaps

Simple Sugar Swaps For Health Rookies

Aside from the obvious (cake, chocolate, soft drink and co we're talking 'bout you) sugar creeps into a lot of the foods we eat. Just when you think you're eating healthy, a quick scan of the food label reveals a lot, and what you thought was healthy packaged food is in fact loaded with sugar. To prevent you from making your next big sugary mistake on your quest for a nutritious meal we spoke to dietician Susie Burrell, to help us help you make the right choice. Keep reading for the food swaps that will stop unnecessary nasty sugars from ruining your healthy lifestyle.

SWAP THIS . . . FOR THIS . . .
Fruit Yoghurt Natural Yoghurt
Sugar Cinnamon or Vanilla
Milk Chocolate 70% Dark Chocolate
Dried Fruit Fresh Fruit
Muesli Bars Nut-Based Snack Bars
Rice Crackers Roasted Chickpeas
Wraps Rye Crackers
Mayonnaise Avocado
Sweet Chilli Sauce Chilli Sauce
Fruit Muesli Plain Oats

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