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How to Detect Thyroid Cancer

This Actress Is Revealing How She Found Her Thyroid Cancer, and It Can Save Your Life

In 2015, Lorna Nickson Brown was your average 20-something. Although she had just lost a little bit of weight, she considered herself to be healthy . . . which is why she was completely shocked when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that year. Lorna recently spoke out about her condition, revealing that there was a tell-tale sign of her diagnosis right in the center of her throat but she did not know what cancer looked like to see that something was wrong.

After her mum noticed the lump in her throat, Lorna, an actress and producer, went to the doctor to see what was going on. Months later, the scans from a biopsy came back and Lorna had cancer. "I felt numb," she told indy100. "I didn't believe it because I felt so well. At the time I was optioned for a Golden Globe-nominated TV series. This isn't what I thought cancer looked like. The minute you tell people, it's the cancer face. I didn't feel ill."

Lorna recently took to Twitter to share her story with her followers and explain how she missed the sign of cancer that was right in front of her face every time she looked in the mirror. In the photo on the left, you can see a bump on her neck, and the photo on the right is Lorna post-surgery after having the lump removed.

"Thyroid cancer is a rare cancer and usually first presents itself with a hard lump at the front of your neck," she wrote alongside the photos. "It is not widely known about. I didn't even know what a thyroid was when I was told I had thyroid cancer. Now I know EVERYTHING about thyroids!!!"

While some thyroid lumps can be harmless, it's important to have them checked out and always be aware of the signs. Interestingly enough, Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after a nurse noticed a suspicious lump on his throat while watching a marathon of the beloved HGTV series.

Lorna points out that it's important to check yourself and those around you for the signs of cancer. "Now I feel tremendously lucky that my treatment was successful and feel it is my duty to raise awareness of this condition," she wrote on Twitter. "Please check your neck, and look at others around you. Most thyroid cysts are benign, but some aren't. Mine certainly wasn't. Get it checked!"

Lorna has been in remission for a year and is actually running a marathon to help raise money for Get-A-Head, a cancer charity that supports patients with head- and neck-related diseases. It's so important to learn from Lorna's story and be aware of the signs of thyroid cancer.

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