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How to Be Healthy and Save Money

50 Ways to Be Healthy & Still Save Money This Year

It's hard to stay healthy and fit on a budget. So if saving money is high on your goal list for 2014, making a few simple changes can end up saving you a lot of money — it does all add up! It can be as easy as taking a packed lunch, making use of your health fund benefits or brushing and flossing daily to avoid extra health costs down the track. Keep reading below for 50 ways to be fit and healthy while still saving money this year.


1.  Eat breakfast before work
2.  Prepare a packed lunch
3.  Keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer
4.  Take your own coffee and tea
5.  Drink more tap water instead of bottled water
6.  Stretch and move around frequently
7.  Say no to after work drinks before Thursday


8.  Choose generic brands of medication
9.  Brush and floss every day
10.  Shop around for a health fund to suit your needs
11.  Make use of your health fund benefits
12.  Shop at discount chemists
13.  When appropriate speak to a pharmacist before locking in a doctor's appointment

Gym & Exercise

14.  Look for gym specials and discounts and always ask for a better deal
15.  Check out the competition between gyms
16.  Don't pay for extras (locker, childcare. . . ) if you won't use them
17.  Avoid contract agreements
18.  Be honest about your budget for exercise
19.  Devise your own fitness plan without a gym
20.  Trial a gym or class before committing to a membership
21.  Put your membership on hold when travelling
22.  Take your own water bottle
23.  Take your own towel
24.  Try free activities on weekends
25.  Workout outdoors with friends


26.  Compare prices
27.  Don't shop too often
28.  Write a shopping list before you go
29.  Don't shop when you're hungry
30.  Look out for freebies and discounts
31.  Buy unpackaged foods and meats — they're generally cheaper
32.  Shop on Monday and Thursday — they're the cheapest days to shop
33.  Consider buying home brand options
34.  Don't buy pre-made meals
35.  Buy seasonal produce
36.  Consider buying certain foods in bulk
37.  Shop at a farmer's market


38.  Plan your meals ahead of time
39.  Cook more and eat out less
40.  Freeze food when you can
41.  Empty your fridge and cook with leftovers
42.  Put food in storage containers to keep fresh for longer
43.  Have your own herb garden
44.  Grown your own veggies and fruit
45.  Invest in healthy recipe books
46.  Make your own smoothies and juices
47.  Buy long life milk
48.  Wash and care for your gym clothes
49.  Keep shopping list on fridge
50.  Use wilted veggies in soups, juices, casseroles

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