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How Long Does It Take For Supplements to Work?

Do Stress-Relieving Supplements Work Immediately?

Mental health and wellbeing is very close to our hearts, and while we truly aim to have an always-on approach to covering all aspects of mental health, we have chosen to shine an extra bright light on #WorldMentalHealth today, and for the rest of October.

We bring you The Big Burn Out — a content series made up of honest personal essays, expert advice and practical recommendations.

Although there are many ways to deal with depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, some choose to go the holistic route when it comes to treatment. If you've identified stress as one of the triggers for your mood dips and are enriching your diet with dopamine or serotonin-boosting foods that contain natural, stress-relieving supplements such as vitamin B Complex to eat yourself happy, you're probably wondering when you'll start to feel a difference.

While prescribed mood stabilisers and boosters can work within hours of being taken, it's widely believed that it can take between four and six weeks for people to notice the effects of natural dietary supplements and vitamins, regardless of why they're taken.

In the meantime, while you wait for your chosen supplements to have their effect, try incorporating daily rituals into your lifestyle that almost instantly improve your mood, including calming activities such as yoga and running.

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