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How Much Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

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“What you eat should match your energy expenditure and include foods from all food groups. This means moderate amounts of whole grains and low GI carbohydrates, fresh meat, poultry and fish. You should also include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats, like olive oil and avocado,” explains Sarah.
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If you're after a quick weight drop, cutting calories (aka starving) for some, might seem the way to go. But, if it doesn't feel good or right, why would we think it's doing us any favours? Restricting calories in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise can definitely help sliding into those skinny jeans with ease, but are you eating enough to make it stick?

While juice cleanses and fasting fad diets can offer a quick-fix, that's exactly what you might get. It's very unlikely these types of eating habits will be sustainable. And aside from promoting unhealthy eating messages, you could very well end up a few kilos heavier than when you started.

Holistic nutritionist, accredited practising dietitian, and founder of Healthy Energy Sarah Leung says, "Healthy eating really is mind over matter. Eating is a conscious decision and creating healthy eating habits and a good relationship with food is far more effective then counting calories, binge eating and the guilt associated with yo-yo dieting."

So, exactly how is the right way to diet? Keep scrolling through to find out.

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