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How to Pronounce Healthy Foods Like Acai and Quinoa

It's Pronounced "Ah-Sigh-Ee" and Other Healthy Foods We Still Get Wrong

Your kitchen is stocked with the latest and greatest superfoods, and your weekends are spent whipping up over-complicated, nutritious meals — basically, eating healthy is your thing. Whether you're a foodie or not, pronouncing the names of the ingredients actually in your smoothie bowl, or fancy salad, is often harder than tracking them down at your local grocer — but never fear, we're here to help! Keep reading for the correct pronunciation, so next time you won't have to bother with the phonetic struggle.

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Quinoa — keen-wah

Açai — ah-sigh-ee

Goji — go-gee

Chia — chee-ah

Cacao — cack-cow

Kombucha — com-boo-cha

Ginseng — jin-sing

Niçoise — nee-swahz

Haloumi — hal-oo-me

Tzatziki — zat-zee-key

Cardamom — kahr-duh-muh-n

Freekeh — free-kuh

Farro — Fahr-oh

Kañiwa — ka-nyi-wa

Got it? Nice. Now you'll never find yourself in this situation again.

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