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Worried About Staying Fit During the Christmas Holidays? Take Advice From Emma Stone's Trainer

There are so many temptations surrounding us during the Christmas holidays. From irresistible seasonal desserts (oh hey, pumpkin pie) to extravagant dinners with friends and family, it's hard to say no to all the yummy stuff that's put on our plate. Plus, Christmas is such a busy time that it's nearly impossible to stick with your regular workout routine.

To get a little help from the pros, POPSUGAR spoke to Jason Walsh, celebrity trainer and founder of fitness studio Rise Nation. He worked with Emma Stone for three months straight in order to prepare her to play tennis champion Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes, and she put on 15 pounds of muscle for the role.

Having worked with many other celebrities in the past, Jason knows what it takes to maintain your fitness routine when you've got a busy schedule. So we asked him what his best tips were for staying healthy during the Christmas holidays. His answer is like taking in a breath of fresh air.

"I'm a no-frills kind of guy. Enjoy it all!" he said. "It's a seasonal thing." You know you're just going to indulge temporarily, and you know that Christmas isn't going to last that long, so don't hold on so tightly to counting calories or running to the gym every free moment you have. Concentrate on soaking up all the joy around you.

Jason said he naturally spends less time outside during the winter and more time in the gym, because that's just how the weather treats you during this time of year. So take advantage of that fact, and use this time to develop your muscles. "Get as strong as you possibly can because you have a great excuse to be in the gym," he told POPSUGAR. "Gain some weight!"

You know already that you have to eat more calories if you want to grow a booty, so since you've got so much yummy food around you, eat some of it, and then go to the gym and lift heavy weights.

According to Jason, your diet will naturally clean up once the Christmas holidays are over, so don't worry too much about treating yourself to that pie and ice cream.

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