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How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

A Dietitians Guide to Staying Healthy on the Go

If you travel on the regular — regardless of if it's for work or pleasure — you'll know it can be a near-impossible task to stay committed to your health and fitness goals. So who better to get some advice from on this topic than Ellie Bullen, a nomadic dietitian, travel blogger, and author who spends the majority of her life travelling the world, while successfully staying committed to nourishing her body with a plant-based lifestyle.

Keep reading for Ellie's best tips for how to successfully marry health, wellness, and travel.

Do Your Research

Take the time to research places to go and eat before you arrive at your destination. For me, that's researching healthy vegetarian or vegan restaurants and cafes beforehand so I don't get stuck.

Prioritise a Kitchen

Booking accommodation that has access to a kitchen is my number one tip! A lot of the time I'll look at Airbnb or apartments that have a kitchen so I can cook my own food (this also saves a lot of money while travelling, too). Eating out for three meals a day can get expensive, and while it might taste good, it's never as healthy as what you'll cook at home.

Shop Local

Find local farmer's markets or grocery stores for your food shopping. This is especially great in Asian countries where you can find lots of really great markets that sell local fresh produce. It's a great way to experience the culture, and source local ingredients to experiment with.

Be Prepared

If you've got to get a boat, plane, or car and you're going to spend the whole day travelling, make sure to prepare some snacks and meals before you go. For example, if I know I'm travelling somewhere remote, I'll go to the supermarket and buy a packet of oats and some soy milk, so at least I can have some breakfast at the airport. Having a packet of unsalted nuts, or some fruit packs in your bag ready to go makes it easy for yourself, and ensures you won't get stuck!

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