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Who would have thought eating more consistently (and eating more in general) could actually be good for you in the long run? Genius, huh? And there's science to back the theory. Healthy snacking should lead you to eat smaller main meals, stabilise your blood sugar, and prevent your hunger levels from reaching ground zero (it's not a happy place, people), all resulting in better, long-term weight management.

But the trick to snacking right and avoiding unnecessary (and unhealthy) eating throughout the day is to plan your meals — snacks and all. Keep a solid two to three hours between a main meal and a healthy snack for ultimate snack success!

Scroll for our best snacking suggestions that will keep your energy levels up, and help you ride out the waves of those sugar highs (and lows). Praise be the snack.

  1. Fruit: When it comes to snacking on fruit, you can think beyond the humble apple. Whether it's as simple as making a fruit salad to take with you to the office, or this four-ingredient chocolate peanut butter banana snack, you really can't go wrong. If you've got more time on your hands, or are feeling slightly more adventurous, give these yoghurt and chia covered grapes, DIY dried rockmelon, or homemade fruit straps a go.
  2. Vegetable Snacks: Yes, vegetables are a no-brainer when it comes to a healthy snacking option, and it can be as simple as some carrot sticks and hummus. But if you're craving a savoury (and slightly) salty snack this Brussell sprout chips alternative might be the perfect option.
  3. Protein Balls: Nothing new here, but protein balls (or bliss balls) are one of the best healthy snacks around. As convenient as they are delicious, try these Kayla Itsines–approved bliss balls, or these chocolate peanut butter balls to keep you going until lunch time.
  4. Smoothies: If you prefer your snacks in liquid form, a smoothie is your best (and healthiest) bet. Instead of reaching for another latte once your energy levels start to fade, try blending your own millennial pink smoothie, or if banana is more your speed, try this tasty protein smoothie.
  5. Healthy Baked Treats: You'd automatically think baked goods are a no-go zone when it comes to healthy snacking, but these DIY energy chunks, or matcha chocolate bars should come close to satisfying your cookie cravings. Or if you're craving something lighter to snack on, these baked cinnamon banana chips are a real winner.
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