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How to Wash Sports Bra

A Time-Saving Trick That Will Help Sports Bras Last Longer

No matter what your workout preference, a fit girl goes through a lot of sport bras. It's such a waste to wash them in the washing machine after each workout, and besides — who has time for that? Since most of us only have a handful of sports bras we love, here's a quick tip for making sure you have a clean, dry bra for tomorrow: bring it into the shower with you after your workout. Keep a little container of laundry detergent on the shelf so you can hand wash it quickly, and then let it dry over the shower rod. Besides not having to worry about remembering to do a whole load of laundry, hand washing wicking clothes helps to maintain the integrity of the fabric, which will help your sports bras last longer. This is especially great to do when you're on holiday and don't have access to a washing machine. Front Page Image Source: Shutterstock

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