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How To Wear Heels And Avoid Serious Back Pain

If Your Spine Could Talk This Is What It Would Say About Your Heels

If spending eight hours a day, five days a week in heels is your thing, then you're probably also familiar with back pain. Yep, that annoying, constant niggle in your back that just won't go away — sucks, huh? While the experts would love for everyone to ditch their heels and opt for super supportive shoes (i.e. the really ugly Homyped-style ones) the thought of never wearing heels again makes us want to cry. Instead let's take a look at all the ways you can still wear those amazing heels and be kind to your back at the same time — it is possible.

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Opt For a Shorter Heel

If you can live without heels the professionals recommend a heel less than 5 cm in height. A smaller heel limits the amount of pressure applied to the ball of the foot. “Any higher, and the centre of mass gets pushed forward over the toes, leading to stress on the lower back and hips,” says osteopath, Claire Richardson.

Choose Wedges

If you know you’re going to spend a long time standing in heels Claire recommends choosing a shoe with a wedge heel instead of a stiletto. “It promotes better balance and reduces stress on the underneath of the foot,” says Claire.

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Exercise Your Calves

If you don’t want to suffer from achy feet and calf muscles after a full day in heels, make straight-legged calf raises your friend. Osteopath Bill Adamson suggests making it a habit each time you get home and kick off those pretty shoes of yours. “Stand with your toes on a step, raise your heels up and very slowly lower your heels,” Bill says. “Lower them so they are below the level of your toes, allow the stretch for 10 seconds and then quickly rise up on your toes again before slowly lowering your heels below your toes again.” Do this for 2-3 minutes each day and your back, feet and calves will thank you for it.

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Change Your Weight Distribution

Going to the races this Spring? No doubt you’ll be wearing heels — really high, really nice heels — and who are we to tell you not to wear them? Our tip to avoid being in pain so soon after putting them on is to change your weight distribution regularly. “Spend time with your weight on the right hip and then time on the left hip. Alternate your weight between the front of your foot and the back,” says Bill.

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At Work? Take Them Off

OK if you're wearing shoes as spectacular as these you'll probably hate this advice and we don't blame you, they're really amazing shoes . . . But if you're sitting at your desk for a long period of time try taking them off and give your feet a break. According to osteopath Chris Reeves, doing this will relieve the pressure on your poor little feet and improve blood circulation.

Image Source: IMAXTREE
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