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Importance of Having a Sleep Routine

Healthy Habit #5: A Sleep Routine Isn't Just For Children

Let's face it, everyone loves sleep. But having a bedtime routine isn't just for those under the age of 10. Bad sleeping habits like only getting five hours of sleep a night, watching TV in bed and going to sleep at different times each night can actually be quite detrimental on your health. Lack of sleep and poor routine can be associated with higher blood pressure and can contribute to higher cholesterol levels, increasing your risk of stroke. By getting at least seven hours of slumber a night you'll not only be a happier person come morning, you'll live longer, look better and your body will heal itself from stress and stress-related problems.

So in order to have a healthy sleeping pattern try to choose a time that is achievable to tuck yourself in and make a habit of sticking to this each night. That also goes for waking up at the same time too. When it's time to turn in for the night avoid any activity that's going to stimulate your brain or get you over-thinking. So that means no action movies in bed, no work emails and definitely no coffee. Having a proper sleeping routine might take some time to get used to, but the benefits you'll get from a deep and restful sleep will outweigh the way you'll feel every time you reach for that snooze button.

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