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Instagram Bikini Competitor Weight Loss

Rosie's Journey to Bikini Competitions Started as a Simple Weight-Loss Quest

Filling your Instagram feed with fitness-lovers and experts definitely makes for great motivation, but when #transformationTuesday rolls around and you have the chance to catch everyone's inspiring before and afters, something special happens — for us at least!

When Rosie Lippmann posted her latest side-by-side image as part of the popular hashtag, We were intrigued by what more she might have to say about the amazing physical transformation, which saw her go from shedding the initial weight to making the leap into bikini competitions. POPSUGAR caught up with Rosie to dig deeper into what spurred on her initial decision to get fit and how she remained committed to her goals.

According to the woman in question, "My health and fitness journey began with me really wanting to make a change in my appearance, but soon after that realising how unhealthy I was completely changed my view on health and fitness, and I was totally hooked on having a healthy lifestyle."

In her initial weight-loss quest, Rosie lost three stone before realising she wanted to take her journey further, explaining to POPSUGAR, "my goals have changed a lot: firstly, it was to lose weight and get my body to a healthy weight; then once I had lost weight, my next goal was to compete." Following her initial weight loss, Rosie set her sights on competing in bikini competitions, which involved 20 weeks of intense competition prep.

It's no surprise that the story behind the social posts is as motivating as expected, and Rosie's top tip for anyone who's lagging in motivation is a simple case of reflection, "If I'm slacking in motivation, it's usually because my diet isn't on point; once you slip on your diet, it's easy to slip with your training too, so maintaining your diet will maintain your motivation for the gym."

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