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Instagram vs. Real Life With Butt Cellulite

Mercedes Wants You to Know That Behind Those Instagram Photos Is — Drumroll — Cellulite!

Mercedes is a Toronto-based fitness influencer, and she's getting real about something we so rarely see on social media: cellulite. She recently took to Instagram to share two side-by-side photos that reveal exactly what goes on behind those perfectly posed photos that take over our feeds, and it's something we all need to be reminded of. Mercedes knows how much photos like the one on the left can impact some people's feelings about themselves, so the "squeezed bum" on the right is a breath of fresh air.

"90% of the photos you see on Instagram, that you compare yourself to are posed, photoshopped versions of people's lives," she captioned the photo above. "OMG CELLULITE — guess what ladies we all have it (well about 99% of us). Even fit chicks who work out all the time — it's completely normal."

It's a healthy reminder that no one is perfect, and cellulite is completely normal . . . remember, you can't spell cellulite without "u lit."

Mercedes told POPSUGAR about how detrimental it can be to compare yourself to someone else you see on social media. "In the age of constant comparison, we all need to be careful to only compare OURSELVES to ourselves," she explained. "Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, imperfections and all. You are capable enough. You are beautiful enough. Because at the end of the day, self-love is the best love."

We're so grateful for people like Mercedes and other influencers who are honest about cellulite, because revealing this unfiltered side on social media can work wonders for our body image.

Image Source: Instagram user fit4za
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