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Iskra Lawrence on Posing For Instagram

Iskra Lawrence Reveals What Those "Posed" Instagram Photos Really Look Like, and It's Powerful

Iskra Lawrence is constantly reminding her fans to love every inch of their bodies (including their stomach rolls). She epitomises all things body positivity in a way that is so uplifting, and her latest message tackles something that negatively impacts some individuals' self-worth: social media. Many women across the world find themselves judging their own bodies based on what they see on Instagram, but Iskra wants everyone to know that those poses are not necessarily real.

The 27-year-old English beauty posted six side-by-side photos to show how much posing and lighting can change a photo, and it's filled with so much honesty that we can all appreciate.

"I myself still pose and there's nothing wrong with moving your body in ways you feel most comfortable or confident but let's be honest and show the actual process," Iskra wrote alongside the photos above. "Because life's not perfect, social media lives aren't perfect and neither are us or our bodies. And that's exactly how it's meant to be!"

In addition to the photos, Iskra shared a video on YouTube, an ongoing partnership with, that shows just how these models achieve the poses we compare ourselves to, and it's super helpful to anyone who's struggled with the impact of social media. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with not having a thigh gap, Iskra shows that she can give the appearance of one, just by tilting her pelvis back — voila!

"So next time you see a picture online, in a magazine or the media you'll know that it's nearly always posed," she wrote. "Perfect does not exist and whats beautiful is that we are all unique and imperfectly perfect!"

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