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Jessica Biel Skater Squat Leg Workout

Jessica Biel's Skater Squat Variation Is Intense AF, So of Course Justin Timberlake's Impressed

Welp, Jessica Biel is at it again, casually crushing an intense leg workout that has our muscles quivering just by watching it. Last September, the 37-year-old star inspired us to hit the gym when she breezed through a round of raised pistol squats before the Emmys, and now she's offering another rare peek into her rigorous exercise routine. Jessica's trainer, Ben Bruno, recently shared a video of the actress doing weighted, single-leg skater squats — a move she frequently does to target her quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

With dumbbells in hand and both arms held out in front of her, Jessica lowered one bent leg until her knee hit the mat below her, doing six reps per legs to count as one set. Ben counted to eight aloud while Jessica slowly lowered into each squat — an eccentric movement intended to lengthen and, therefore, strengthen her muscle fibres. "This is just nuts. This isn't something we did one time for the video either; this was her third set, and I have her do these routinely," Ben explained in his Instagram caption. So that explains her supreme stability and control!

Jessica also shared the same workout video clip on her own Instagram, writing, "Never has anyone In the history of the world counted slower than my trainer." Needless to say, her husband, Justin Timberlake, was impressed, as he couldn't help but comment "YUM" as a flirty pat on the back of sorts. We love a supportive hubby!

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