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Jillian Michaels's Arm Workout

Holy Hell! Just the First Move From Jillian Michaels' Workout Has Our Jaw on the Floor

We can always count on Jillian Michaels to motivate us and whip us into shape, but this four-move arm workout is just insane! Maybe too insane. She captions the above photo, "got a challenge circuit for you guys today!"

Here are the four moves:

  1. Push-ups while balancing both hands on a band and one foot on an exercise ball (WTH?!)
  2. Triceps push-ups while balancing on rings (again, WTH?!)
  3. Plyo push-ups with a dip under a bar
  4. Chest dips

Jillian says the "goal is two full circuits. 30 seconds per move." You can tell by how vigorously her muscles are shaking that these moves are impossible for regular human beings pretty advanced. Jillian recommends, "Just try a few reps the hard way then modify if you need to!" We're gonna need to modify.

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