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Kate Upton Doing 102-Kilo Hip Thrusts

Want to Build a Bigger Butt? Try Kate Upton's Crazy-Heavy Hip Thrusts

Kate Upton may be a smoking-hot model with an affinity for bikinis, but she knows the importance of building a booty, and she isn't afraid to put in the work at the gym. During a recent session with her trainer, Ben Bruno, the 25-year-old flaunted her impressive glute strength with a set of 102-kilo hip thrusts. We already knew she could multitask with doughnuts and a weighted sled, but this move had her undivided attention for "1.5" reps, as Ben explained.

"Like the name suggests, you do one full rep followed by a partial rep, pausing at the top each time," he wrote on Instagram alongside Kate's reposted video. "Strong! I love hip thrusts, but a lot people (myself included) reach a point where the heavy weight becomes uncomfortable on the hips even with a pad, and they start to feel it in the lower back instead of the glutes, even with perfect form."

Ben continued, "This point is different for different people, but now that Kate is easily using more than 102 kilos on hip thrusts, we've transitioned to '1.5 reps' as a way to get a good training effect with lighter loads so we can keep working the glutes with less stress on the lower back and hips."

He's right. While hip thrusts are the most popular move for booty gains, celebrity trainer Jason Walsh previously told POPSUGAR it's totally normal to feel uncomfortable while doing this at first. As long as you're using proper form, you just have to activate your muscles by consistently using heavy weights for thrusts, and soon you will see the peachy results.

Kate used foam padding to protect her core from the heavy weights and a resistance band below her knees as a reminder to push the knees outward. Ben also explained in a comment on his post that while some people may put a band up by their quadriceps, he prefers below the knees so the band doesn't slide down. Try Kate's heavy move the next time you're in the gym, and then, check out these secrets to building a bigger booty.

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