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Kelsey Wells Bodyweight Leg Workout

Crush Your Next Leg Day With This Trainer's 6-Move Bodyweight Workout

Instead of skipping the gym the next time your calendar is jam-packed, try this six-move lower-body workout by Kelsey Wells, creator of the PWR program. This intense workout is going to fire up every muscle in your legs as you sculpt lean muscle in all the right places. Now, it's time to fire up your muscles with this quick, strengthening workout.

The Workout

Superset 1:

  • Sprawls: 12 reps
  • Reverse lunge and knee up: 20 reps
  • Complete four sets, taking 30 seconds of rest in between each set.

    Superset 2:

  • Squat walks: 12 reps
  • Lateral lunges: 20 reps
  • Complete four sets, taking 30 seconds of rest in between each set.


  • Sumo squat pulses: one minute
  • Around the world lunges: one minute
  • See how Kelsey performs each exercise in the video above!

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