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Lance Stephenson Surprises Zumba Class Video

An NBA Player Surprised a Zumba Class and Instantly Became a Sensational Instructor

If you've ever wondered what happens when basketball meets Zumba dancing, we're here to tell you that it's magical. Los Angeles Lakers forward Lance Stephenson sure knows how to dance — so much so that he's rightfully earned the nickname "Make 'Em Dance Lance" after drilling shots and showing off his fancy footwork on the court — and he just proved that those skills absolutely translate off the court as well.

In a video with SLAM, the NBA player surprised a Zumba class in Santa Monica, and while the attendee's faces were filled with pure shock as he kicked off the session, he ended up really making 'em dance! Watch the hilarious video above, and prepare to be amazed at how good Sir Lance-A-Lot is.

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