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Lindsey Vonn Using TRX

Lindsey Vonn Knows — If You Want Strong Arms and Abs, Do This Exercise

Lindsey Vonn is one strong badass on skis, and we know doing pull-ups is one way she stays in Sports Illustrated swimsuit shape. But check out her upper body and core work using a TRX. If you've never tried one before, this is one super-intense, challenging move called the pike. It's the instability of the TRX that forces you to fire up so many muscles at once, so this is a great piece of equipment to use if you're short on time and want to see results fast.

OK, so not only is Lindsey kicking butt in the gym with her TRX, she's doing it while on vacation, no less. No breaks for this girl! Take this as a little nudge of motivation. When you feel like skipping out for whatever reason — it's a Monday, you're tired, you're travelling, or you just plain don't feel like it — remember that any amount of time exercising is worth it, even a five-minute workout.

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