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Lucy Instagram Weight Loss

Lucy's Transformation Proves That the Scale Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

Lucy started her weight-loss journey in 2013, when she was 137 pounds. Since then she has completely transformed her body — she's slimmer, more toned, and, most importantly, looks happier than ever. Lucy recently took to Instagram to show three different photos of herself, each marking a different stage in her transformation.

The first one is from 2013, at 137 pounds. The second one is from 2016, when she had dropped down to 117 pounds. But fast-forward to today, and she now weighs 134 pounds, which is pretty much exactly where she started. But it's clear to see the difference in her body, proving that the scale doesn't tell the full story when it comes to weight loss.

In her post, Lucy also wrote honestly about what she learned over the last couple of years. "Along my journey I've realised you have to learn and make mistakes to get to where you want to be... which can be scary 😕," she wrote. "A year ago, I thought to be fit and healthy I had to completely restrict myself of eating certain foods and workout excessively. I copied what others around me did to try and look a certain way."

She has since realised that balance is the name of the game, and that it's totally OK to enjoy the food you eat. But balance isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. "What balance means to you could be entirely different to someone else," she wrote. "We make it our own in our own way. Finding what works for YOU is the most important thing ☺️"

With over 114,000 followers on Instagram, it's clear that Lucy's words resonate with many people around the world. This particular post has already generated over 6,000 "likes."

POPSUGAR caught up with Lucy about her inspiring words (and her amazing results!), and she shared some of her favourite workouts: "I love doing full body circuits, which could include squats, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, assisted pull-ups — anything you like!" Lucy said. "What's great is you can do it with no equipment but also add weights if you want an extra challenge."

Lucy also had some advice for anyone starting out on a weight-loss regimen: "Start slow, set yourself some achievable goals, and try a variety of exercise until you find something you really enjoy! I think the key turning point is when you stop seeing exercise as something you have to do and instead something you want to do."

Hopefully we can all put Lucy's words into action. Don't listen to the scale next time: aim for balance, and find whichever workouts bring you the most joy.

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