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Madonna's Twin Daughters Boxing

Madonna's 5-Year-Old Twin Daughters Look So Adorable and Fierce While Boxing

You're never too young to start boxing, and Madonna's twin daughters, Estere and Stelle, just proved that. The adorable 5 year olds were shown on Madonna's Instagram training with the best. Stelle looked adorable shadowboxing in front of the mirror, while Estere showed off her impressive combinations with respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial artist Roger Gracie of the Renzo Gracie academy. In her caption, Madonna wrote, "Thursday Fierceness Brought to you by Estere!"

This video isn't the first example of Estere's skills. Her proud mum has posted several videos before, including a belated International Women's Day post of her daughter kicking butt in their at-home studio. We can't stop watching her videos!

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