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Margzetta Frazier Floor Routine January 2019

This Gymnast's Floor Routine Was Inspired by Voguing — and Believe Us, It Is Fabulous

The UCLA gymnasts are the defending national champions for a reason. Not only do they have skill, but they also have energy, creative choreography, and personality. We don't personally know freshman Margzetta Frazier, but after watching her Jan. 12 floor routine at the Collegiate Challenge, we've learned two important things about her: she is a force and fierce.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Margzetta "wanted to pay homage to voguing, the dance style originating from Harlem's Black LGBTQ community," during her routine. She performed her voguing-inspired routine to"Din Da Da" by Kevin Aviance, and we can't stop watching it.

Margzetta makes tumbling passes look beyond easy, and her personality shines through every movement. We may not be able to move like she does, but we're definitely taking a page out of her book when it comes to energy and confidence.

Check out her entire routine in the video above. Warning: you won't be able to watch it just once.

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