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Live Like Miranda Kerr and Copy Her Day on a Plate

Miranda Kerr's Day on a Plate

It's a strange obsession but knowing what people eat most days fills us with great joy. So as you can imagine, when we got a chance to speak to Miranda Kerrthe newly married, former Victoria's Secret model and creator of KORA Organics — it was the very first thing we asked her. If her chats with Goop creator Gwyneth Paltrow are anything to go by, Miranda Kerr is definitely a wellness crusader with a holistic approach to healthy living.

"I live by an 80/20 balanced diet that includes lots of organic produce in its most natural state, along with the occasional treat," says Miranda. "I don't believe in depriving myself because then I crave it more." She also drinks 2-3 litres of alkaline water each day and shops at the local farmers markets. "We cook most of our food from scratch so we know exactly what is in each of our meals," adds Miranda.

Her approach is simple, really. There's nothing she does that can't be replicated in an average household and that's what we love the most about Miranda's daily eating habits.

Keep reading for everything Miranda told us about her day on a plate.

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