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Miranda Kerr's Exercise Routine

Proof Miranda Kerr Is Surprisingly Real About Exercise

A post shared by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

Ever wondered what Miranda Kerr's weekly workout routine is like? If you're assuming it's a gruelling four hour a day, seven days a week schedule you're absolutely wrong. For this model, mum, author and businesswoman how often she exercises completely depends on her schedule, admitting her beauty brand KORA Organics keeps her busy.

"Depending on my schedule I try my best to make it a priority to work out four to five times a week because I feel much better for it," says Miranda. "It's also is a great way to manage stress."

As for how long her workouts go for? "My exercise routine varies each day depending on how much time I have, but I try to do at least 20-30 minutes of exercise because it optimises my energy levels," adds Miranda.

If you're really looking to live a life more like Miranda's, copying her workout routines — just like her daily diet — is actually achievable. You won't find high-tech equipment or super expensive classes in her schedule, instead Miranda is a fan of low-impact workouts that help to centre the body and clear the mind.

"I like yoga and Pilates, swimming, resistance training and if I have a shoot coming up I target specific areas," says Miranda. "I also love walking our dog, Teddy, and skipping is also a great and fun workout."

Her attitude to fitness can't get much more relatable. Even Miranda admits exercising shouldn't be something you dread. "Exercise shouldn't be a chore, so I find if you choose activities or exercises that you enjoy you will be more inclined to keep it up," says Miranda. "For me, consistency is key, keep active each day and walk as much as possible."

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