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Miranda Kerr's Smoothie Video For Net-a-Porter

Miranda Kerr Creates Her Ultimate Morning Smoothie For Net-a-Porter

If you've ever wondered how a supermodel starts the day, then wonder no more. Miranda Kerr shares her nutrient-packed, morning super smoothie in an exclusive video for luxury online shopping site, Net-a-Porter. In the video, Miranda takes viewers through her favourite smoothie ingredients, highlighting the nutritional benefits for each. Add to that a top tip for a guilt-free treat — dark chocolate coated goji berries! Towards the end of the video, Miranda says something all smoothie fans can relate to: "Boys like their cars, I like my Vitamix!" Stay tuned for the next lifestyle video column from Miranda for Net-a-Porter but in the meantime, wrap your tastebuds around this fast and easy morning smoothie.

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