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Mother and Daughter Lifting Weights Together on Instagram

Stop What You're Doing, and Watch This 5-Year Old Crush a Workout With Her Mom

You can never go wrong with some fitspo to start your day on the right track. When we came across 5-year-old Brodie crushing a weightlifting workout with her mother Jesse, we were in awe.

First, Jesse executes a power clean, then Brodie performs a 6-kilo hang clean, celebrating with the shoot dance afterward. Hang cleans are an advanced lift requiring speed, strength, and explosive power, and Brodie makes it look effortless. "Bro works out with me 3-4x a week. She loves being able to work technique with her small trainer bar and plates," said her mum.

It's hard to believe she's only 5 and already this strong. We're officially ready to crush our workout. Thanks, Brodie!

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