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Naomi Campbell 20-Minute British Vogue Workout

Naomi Campbell Is the Personal Trainer of Our Dreams in This 20-Minute Workout Video

I'm still working on mastering my Naomi Campbell walk (read that again in your best Beyoncé voice), and lucky for me, I'm one step closer to being as fierce as the supermodel. Naomi has arguably the best powerful walk, and now she's decided to show us how strong she is off the runway in a workout video for the March issue of British Vogue. The video takes us through her entire workout, and honestly, I've never seen someone look more fabulous while lifting weights.

"Hello British Vogue, it's Naomi Campbell here, and I'm not going to have much time to work out today so I'm only going to do 20 minutes," she said in the introduction. Her trainer, Joe Holder, led her through a warmup — yes, even supermodels have time to warm up, so you have no excuses — followed by a series of dynamic movements, glute activation, and core activation exercises.

"For a couple of decades, I've tried to work out. I didn't really like it. Then, Riccardo Tisci introduced me to Joe and I started working out with Joe consistently. This is the most consistent I've worked out," the March cover star said. After the warmup, Joe took Naomi through a strength and conditioning workout that consisted of jumping rope, kettlebell suitcase deadlifts, band walks, rows, medicine ball chops, and the medicine ball Pallof press.

From the looks of it, this workout is legit, and you can count on Naomi to never break a sweat — #goals. Check out the full workout in the video above, and try it the next time you aren't sure what to do at the gym. Don't forget to channel your inner supermodel.

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