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Positive Benefits of Exercise Experiment

We've partnered with Fitness First to showcase the benefits of fitness — over and above looking your best — so you can grab more from life. Fit is a feeling!

When it comes to working out, it's easy to focus on the physical aspects like losing weight or "getting ripped". While this might help you find motivation in the short-term, it fails to recognise the bigger picture: how getting fit can empower us to live life to the fullest — giving us confidence, energy and self-belief. Exercise plays a huge role in how we feel, from how we sleep, our energy levels to how we combat stress.

Fitness First noticed this, and started an experiment to challenge how people think about the benefits of exercise, to see if there's more to it than the "before and after" pictures we see so often on social media.

#Howfitfeels started by adding fitness to the lives of three inactive Australians, and removing it from those at their fitness peak — documenting it all in a four-part web series. To keep the results focused on feelings, the participants' bodies were never shown. Instead, the data relied only on their emotions. The result? Each previously inactive participant noticed positive, non-physical effects such as improved mood, sleep and positive body image. At the conclusion of the experiment, we quizzed new mum Alisha and grandmother Tracey to see how the addition of fitness had impacted their lives. Scroll to see what they said!

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