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Red Carpet Workout From Valerie Waters

Jennifer Garner's Trainer Shares a Quick Equipment-Free Workout to Get Red Carpet Ready

As award season kicks off and our feeds fill up with photos of gorgeous actors and their perfectly toned arms, it's likely to ignite a little motivation in all of us. But celebrities have access to personal trainers and crazy gyms and we'll never be able to look like that, right? Wrong! Celebrity trainer Valerie Waters recently shared an incredibly simple 15-minute cardio circuit workout on Instagram that not only is super accessible, but it's also bound to have you looking like you're heading to a red carpet yourself.

Jennifer Garner's trainer Valerie knows how difficult it can be to squeeze a workout into our busy schedules, but these five simple moves will get your heart rate up and your thighs burning. "Here is a little #redcarpetready no equipment, cardio circuit," Valerie wrote on Instagram. "You can do this circuit 3x and call it a day or you could add an upper body or abs circuit for a more full body workout. No matter what, you will get a nice quick sweat and be reminded once again that you are always 'one workout away from a good mood.'"

Valerie suggested starting with the smaller number of reps if you are feeling tired or have not worked out your legs in a while. The circuit can be done anywhere three times: side to sides (10 to 20 on each side), half-jacks (10 to 20), lunge kicks (10 to 20 on each leg), Bruce Lee kicks (10 to 20 on each leg), and curtsy lunges (10 to 15 on each leg). Try Valerie's workout for a quick sweat session, and then dive into these 10 five-minute workouts that will give you a full-body burn.

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