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Register for NIKE NTC Tour 2016

Gather your girlfriends, today's the day! Registration for NTC Tour Sydney is officially open — which means our fitness journey just got real. NIKE Women's seven-hour fitness festival is set to be even bigger and better than last year, with over 2,500 women expected to sweat it out at the iconic Darling Island Wharf on Mar. 19, 2016.

Led by world-class trainers — including NIKE Master Trainer Kirsty Godso — #NTCTourSyd will host Pilates, running, dance, boxing, high-intensity and cardio sessions that are all designed to make you work, hard. Girls should expect to put their fitness levels to the test as the day will no doubt be challenging — but a lot of fun, too! (Editor's note: If you're new to training, NTC Tour Sydney is the perfect goal to strive towards so you can kick-start your healthy lifestyle. Trust me, I'm doing it!)

If you're nervous — don't be. The community vibe of the event is super supportive — think of it as one giant group of girlfriends working together to smash their fitness goals and try new workout styles. Plus, NIKE is offering seven weeks of intense training in the lead up to tour to ensure you're all set for the main event.

If you're based in Melbourne or Auckland, you'll have the opportunity to smash your goals at NTC Live sessions locally. Interested? Keep scrolling to learn more about this epic all-day fitness festival!

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