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Serena Williams and Daughter in Gatorade Ad

Serena Williams Passes on 1 Powerful Lesson to Her Daughter That We All Need to Hear

Serena Williams is arguably the greatest athlete of the modern day. She won the Australian Open when she was two months pregnant, and now, she is passing on everything she learned from sports to her 3-month-old daughter. In a new advertisement for Gatorade, the 23-time Grand Slam champion speaks to her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., as well as all young girls about what they can learn from sports — and it's incredibly powerful.

"I won't mind if you never choose to pick up a racket, but I beg you: In this game of life, please keep playing no matter what," Serena tells her daughter. "Just like it taught me, sports will teach you to be strong. You'll discover the power and grace of your body. You'll learn to move and you'll learn the way to move others. Sports will teach you the strength your allies. Whether your bond is by blood or by ball, whether she shares the colour of your skin or the colour of your jersey, you'll find your sisters in sweat."

Serena didn't just play tennis because she was a gifted athlete (although that did help): she played because of all the life lessons she learned on the court, and she's putting it all into words in this video. "Sometimes you'll score a goal, sometimes you won't, but the goals you set you'll reach together," Serena says. "You'll find the courage to stand tall, work harder, and speak louder on whatever playing field you choose in life."

While it may look like Serena and husband Alexis Ohanian's baby girl in the video, it was actually revealed that baby Olympia was sick right before the advertisement was set to shoot, and they had to use a baby body double instead. Regardless, Serena's message to her daughter is the same, and it is so moving. She ends the video on a powerful note, exclaiming, "So keep playing, my girl, keep playing."

Image Source: YouTube user Gatorade
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