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3 Mental Roadblocks That Sabotage Weight Loss

It's not just about putting in time at the gym and eliminating certain foods; your mental state has a huge influence on whether you hit your weight-loss goals. Old thought patterns might seem unbreakable, but moving forward may be easier than you think. These negative thoughts could be what's holding you back from success.

You always put yourself down: If the negative talk is on a constant loop in your mind, then know that it's not helping anyone. Feeling bad or shameful about food choices does not make for a healthy lifestyle; it actually hinders your ability to succeed. Health psychologist and Stanford lecturer Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., explains, "If you focus on self-criticism, you'll be like a laser on it." Instead of focusing on putting yourself down, draw attention toward what you want to fix and accomplish. Above all else, treat yourself with kindness.

You can't picture the new you: For women who have struggled with their weight for years, the idea of a lighter and healthier you might be difficult to fathom. Feeling confident about your ability to succeed is a start, but a more concrete project can be a huge help too. You might not be able to find the words right now, but creating a tangible reminder, like a healthy vision board covered in inspirational images, will help you start to recognise what your dreams look like.

You're not taking off weight fast enough: Sometimes you've got to stop with the scale; it's not all about the number of kilos you're losing. Instead of feeling dismayed when that number doesn't drop, start celebrating other accomplishments — both big and small. When you feel more comfortable in your clothes or have more energy all day long, know that it happened because of your commitment and best efforts. Once you start realising what you're capable of accomplishing, it's like a domino effect: the positivity just keeps on rolling in. Are there negative thoughts about your weight that have held you back in the past? How did you move past these mental roadblocks and welcome the new you? Share below!

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