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Sjana Earp High-Tech Activewear

Nothing stops a woman on a mission and with U BY KOTEX Sport Ultrathins, you won't even have to slow down. Grab your free sample and read on to learn how to get limitless.

Running stairs, jumping between buildings, high-intensity interval training . . . if you're into hardcore workouts, you need activewear to match. Technology in the world of sport is kind of awesome, and that means there are some great options when it comes to finding outfits that can push just as hard as you do.

What starts as a scientific development — created to optimise the performance of Olympians and elite athletes — eventually makes its way into mainsteam products, where we get to reap the benefits! We're talking high-tech fabric, supportive shapes and ultra-responsive cushioning in tanks, sports bras, leggings and shoes. Keep scrolling to learn just how far wearable science has come, and see the pieces U by Kotex ambassador Sjana Earp wears to get limitless!

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