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Sophie Turner Doing Goat Yoga Video

Sophie Turner's Goat Yoga Session Was "the Best Day of Her Life," and We Totally See Why

There might not have been elephants in Westeros for Cersei Lannister, but there are definitely goats for Sansa Stark — I mean, Sophie Turner. In a recent video for Vogue, the Game of Thrones actress experienced something she's never experienced before: goat yoga. The strength-training workout has been around for a few years as an alternative to regular shmegular Vinyasa flow. As "natural climbers," goats like to climb on flat surfaces, aka human bodies in yoga poses, so they accentuate the poses by putting pressure on the body. Sophie compared it to "a sports massage."

"The excitement I felt throughout my body when I saw the goats walk in was just complete and pure ecstasy," she said. "I've never felt that excited about anything in my life, ever, and I've been proposed to and that wasn't even the best day of my life. This was." Bloop, sorry, Joe Jonas! That being said, we don't blame Sophie for spending all the time with the animals and not focusing as much on the poses. Well, until they started peeing on her mat. Her smile muscles got the greatest workout this time! Watch Sophie's goat yoga video, and decide for yourself who the real GOAT here is.

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