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Summer Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Yoghurt Filled Rockmelon

Breakfast Idea: Yogurt-Filled Rockmelon Bowl

Juicy and refreshing melon is tasty on its own, but filling up half a rockmelon with creamy yoghurt is even better. Top things off with fresh Summer berries and crunchy pepita seeds, and you've created a filling and elegant breakfast that's fewer than 150 calories. Keep reading to see how easy it is to create this edible melon bowl.

Yogurt-Filled Rockmelon

From Lizzie Fuhr, POPSUGAR Fitness

Yogurt-Filled Rockmelon


  1. 1/2 rockmelon

    170 grams non-fat Greek yoghurt

    1 tablespoon fresh raspberries

    1 tablespoon fresh blueberries

    1 teaspoon raw pepita seeds


  1. Scoop out seeds from the centre of your half rockmelon.
  2. Fill the hole with 170 grams of non-fat Greek yoghurt.
  3. Add berries to the yogurt and sprinkle with pepita seeds.
  4. Use a spoon to scoop bites right out of the rockmleon peel!

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