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Tim Robards' Best Running Tips

Tim Robards' Tips For Surviving the City2Surf

A post shared by Dr Tim Robards (@mrtimrobards) on

Planning on running the City2Surf this Sunday but feeling woefully unprepared for tackling Heart Break Hill? No need to call it quits (just yet!), we spoke to Tim Robards to get a full run down on his best City2Surf race day tips, so you can make sure you not only reach the finish line, but also enjoy the journey.

Tim on Why You Shouldn't Go Too Hard Too Fast . . .

"This is crucial for everyone who is planning on running City2Surf to remember — you need to last the distance! Making sure you finish is the end goal, so warm-ups are important along with good cool downs, plenty of stretching and pacing yourself."

Tim on Why You Should Focus on Good Form . . .

"You don't want to injure or exhaust yourself too early in the game, so maintaining a consistent pace from the get-go and focusing on your running style is critical. Our most natural running style is on our forefoot, something we can forget when we wear joggers. If you find you are heel striking too much, try to get back to a mid-foot to forefront running style. While joggers are great for protecting your feet and helping you run faster, knowing your running style before a big event will help you avoid injuries both on the day and down the track."

Tim on Why Staying Hydrated Is Key . . .

"Replacing water and electrolyte loss is highly important for optimal recovery. There's nothing worse than having the energy to go on but your legs start cramping up because you are dehydrated and low on electrolytes. I suggest taking a magnesium supplement and possibly adding a little rock salt to your water or even some hydrolyte the night before and the morning of to help avoid this."

Tim on the Best Way to Re-Fuel Your Body . . .

"Fuelling your body post-run with the right ingredients is vital for revival once you've made it past the finish line. The energy you've expended should only be replenished with a wholesome combination of fibre, protein, good fats and good carbs. I recommend eating about 30-60 minutes after the race. This is the most beneficial window of time to replenish muscle glycogen stores, re-hydrate, repair muscles for quicker recovery and stop inflammation in its tracks. Bananas are your perfect post and pre-race food. With 36 grams of carbs, 1/2 grams of fat and 600mg of potassium, paired with some Greek yoghurt or blended with a scoop or protein powder makes for a great liquid refuel."

Tim on Why Enjoying the Journey Is the Most Important Part . . .

"City2Surf is one of my favourite events and there is such a great energy along the course thanks to all the participants, the music and the general atmosphere from crowds cheering you on. Make sure to soak it all up and use it to propel you along the way. By the time you get down to Bondi the party will be kicking off and you can celebrate getting over the line."

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