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Trainer's Total-Body Workout

Start Building Lean Muscle With This Trainer's Total-Body Workout

We get it. With everything you've got going on, spending an hour plus at the gym can be pretty unrealistic. If your schedule is jam-packed and you still want to get a quality workout in, you've got to try this three-move workout from Instagram influencer and personal trainer Alexia Clark. The workout itself should take no more than 20 minutes to complete, and with a warmup and cool down, you should be done in 30 minutes max. Grab a medicine ball, find a squat rack (heavy dumbbells or a kettlebell will also suffice), and two light to medium dumbbells and get ready to work.

The exercises:

Perform each move for 40 seconds and then take 20 seconds of rest. Complete a total of three to four rounds. Watch the video above to see how Alexia performs each move.

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