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Victoria Lee's Diet and Day on a Plate

Victoria Lee's (Not So Secret) Day on a Plate

Victoria Lee's (Not So Secret) Day on a Plate

It's our favourite time of year, when the world's most-beautiful Angels descend the runway (this time, in China) for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Truthfully, we're watching for Aussie model Victoria Lee — the 26-year-old from Narrandera who makes her debut this year.

We caught up with Victoria, a week before filming, to chat about her approach to healthy eating and exercise in the lead up to the big day. For Victoria, she listens to her body and fuels it accordingly. "I have always had a healthy lifestyle and really enjoy healthy food. I also recognise how my body feels when I nourish it properly so eating well isn't something I find a chore," says Victoria. "In saying that, I always have some dark chocolate nearby and love to indulge occasionally, it's all about balance."

Prior to the big gig, Victoria admits there's not a huge a change to her diet. "It remains basically the same, but I'll pay attention to reduce my sugar intake — treats become non-existent (sadly!). I'll also listen to my body, because I'm training more I may need more energy, so I'll add a snack — usually almond butter and banana," she says.

Victoria is upping the ante with her workouts in the lead up to her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show debut, but there's a catch. "Work outs become more intense, but less frequent to allow for recovery and rest. I'll see my trainer three days a week where we do mainly strength training, focusing on proper form and specific muscle groups," admits Victoria. "I'll combine these with dance cardio classes to shake out lactic acid and get my heart rate up. I also make sure to have rest days and to listen to my body. I actually taper off the closer I get to the show, to make sure I don't hurt myself, get plenty of rest and am not feeling sore."

For Victoria's specific breakdown of her day on a plate, keep reading . . .

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